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Drain Installation & Repair

Rear view of Clearflow van - Clearflow, Drainage Solutions & Power Cleaning, L/Derry, NI Drains installed by Clearflow, Drainage Solutions & Power Cleaning, L/Derry, NI

Drain Installation

The installation of a new drain is not simply a matter of digging down and connecting pipes. Clearflow staff will carry out extensive preparatory work, if required, to ensure that the completed work will comply with planning and building regulations, as well as conforming to environmental standards.
Our quoted drain installation prices are all-inclusive and contain no hidden charges:

Fault Diagnosis & CCTV

Drain & Sewer inspection camara. our CCTV Camera Surveys will quickly identify the location and extent of the problem - Clearflow, Drainage Solutions & Power Cleaning, L/Derry, NI
In 90% of cases high pressure jetting will solve most blocked drain and toilets. However where a blockage persists or where a burst or damaged pipe is suspected, our CCTV Camera Surveys will quickly identify the location and extent of the problem.

CCTV Inspection

Clearflow employs up-to-date CCTV camera survey and inspection equipment providing a comprehensive picture of your drainage system: points of blockages, drain failure and manhole condition. CCTV camera surveys provide the most cost-effective and least disruptive method of obtaining accurate information on the location and condition of sewers and pipelines.

After a CCTV survey, in most cases, a no-dig drain repair solution will be offered - precluding the need for excavation.

Excavation Works

Most drainage tasks can be completed without having to disturb the ground surrounding access manhole covers, adits, etc. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to dig down manually in order to get to the source of problems such as faulty outlying connections or deteriorating joints that have come out of alignment. Excavations are more common where neighbouring houses in close proximity have intricately woven drainage systems.

Drain Repair

Drain & Patch Lining

Damaged pipes don't necessarily have to be replaced. Once problems have been identified, and the remedy is considered suitable, Clearflow's highly qualified crew can restore the pipe to maximum efficiency by using the latest innovations in drain lining techniques; a CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe) liner is fitted inside the pipe, and effectively creates a double protection.

Patch Lining is used where the identified fault is confined to a smaller area. This procedure involves less work and materials, and leaves the basic structure of the drain undisturbed.

Root Removal

There is a natural tendency for tree and plant roots to seek a source of water. The resultant water intrusion brings with it frequent blockages and breakages in the pipe work. Using its highly developed water-powered equipment, Clearflow can remove roots from drainage systems without having to excavate.

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